Tenant Screening in San Jose, California

Poverty is on the rise in San Jose and with it comes an increase in landlord/tenant conflicts. A report released by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco analyzed increasing poverty levels in Bay Area suburbs. The data collected shows poverty has become more suburbanized in the Bay Area over the past decade presenting several challenges to the community. As a result, more and more landlords, realtors and property managers are turning to tenant credit screening and background checks to reduce costly eviction procedures. Rental screening and credit report services like Able Screening are a useful tool for preventing bad rental and lease experiences.

Another study performed in 2013, by Professor Eloisa C. Rodriguez-Dod of the Florida International University College of Law, San Jose sees 2,000 families a month get 30-day notices at a rate of about 10% each year. The study sites the typical reasons for eviction being: failing to pay the rent, substantially violating the lease, damaging the premises, using the unit for illegal purposes and denying the landlord reasonable access to the property..

Performing and knowing how to perform preliminary credit and background screening reports can help reduce the likelihood of bad renters in the San Jose area.

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