Tenant Screening in Sacramento County, California

Nationwide landlords face the problem of climbing eviction rates and Sacramento is no different. Sacramento is not immune to the financial troubles seen by the rest of the state.

The entire eviction (unlawful detainer) process is stacked against the property owner. The state’s capital doesn’t adequately provide or support landlords, property owners or realtors with even up to date census and fiscal reports.

In fact, the most recent (and only available) Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento Annual Report, dates back to the 2008-2009 fiscal year. Not exactly up to date statistics for someone wanting to do any proper due diligence on a prospective tenant. However, even without the benefit of an up-to-date annual fiscal report, it is not difficult to discern that eviction cases continue to increase annually and are a continued problem for Sacramento County.

As a landlord, property manager or real estate agent in our state's capital, you cannot be careful enough when it comes to your financial and business investment. Thorough background checks and credit screening prospective tenants greatly reduces the risk of loss by identifying high-risk renters. The best and most qualified screening services, like Able Screening, will check for prior evictions, a history of financial irresponsibility, and/or criminal behavior.

Make tenant screening a breeze with our simple service we developed after 35 years of experience in the business.