Tenant Screening in the Bay Area, California

The renter’s boom in the Bay Area has its own potential hazards for landlords and realtors. For example, if you are a real estate agent who derives your salary through rental commissions, imagine how financially devastating it could be for a bad renter (squatter) to suddenly not pay their rent. The laws are on the tenants side and it could take months to remove, clean up and finally have the rental occupied and paying again.

According to a report put out by Real Answers, a Novato based rent research firm, rents around the Bay Area have increased 11.4 percent over this time last year. The average cost for a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment is $2,562. Renters occupied 97.5 percent of the county's apartments. A rate that essentially amounts to full occupancy. However, in this renter’s boom comes the pitfalls of evictions and property damage for landlords, property owners and real estate agents. Additionally, the eviction (unlawful detainer) process can take months to finally remove the offending tenant translating into thousands of dollars in lost rent and income for the property owner, manager or realtor.

So how does one avoid a possible financial calamity with a bad tenant or renter? Easy, always use a credit and background service for all of your prospective tenants. Using a screening service like Able Screening will greatly help to minimize the potential for a nightmare renter. But don’t be fooled… not all background check and credit screening services are equal. Many of these companies do not provide the most up to date information and deliver a report through a third party vendor. Make sure to use a screening company that provides accurate and up to date information and will provide you with personal service.

Make tenant screening a breeze with our simple service we developed after 35 years of experience in the business.