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Tenant Screening

Property owners and managers, landlords, real estate agents and brokers who derive an income through rental commissions are at serious financial risk when a tenant defaults on their rent or other financial obligation. A realtor's success often hinges on finding qualified prospective tenants who will satisfy their full lease term commitment.

A landlord, property owner/manager or other real estate professional can reduce the odds of a deadbeat tenant, by performing a background and credit check on all prospective tenants and clients. A judgment against a renter will be reported on the tenant’s credit report for seven years. So checking court records to see if a tenant has been involved in legal proceedings with a prior landlord is prudent. Checking a prospective renter for criminal records and running a background check is less expensive and efficient than the cost of evicting a problem tenant. In fact, evicting a tenant in the State of California is a particularly costly and time-consuming process.

Luckily, our tenant screening service will provide these services and check references provided by tenants. These background checks are obtained for a nominal fee and come with invaluable information regarding prospective renters, like whether or not the applicant pays rent on time, has damaged previous rental properties, has a criminal record, and in some cases, how he/she is rated and reviewed by prior landlords. A standard background check can include a local, state and national criminal report, a sex offender database search and prior address history verification. Ultimately, tenant background checks cost, depending on the thoroughness of the investigation, a fraction of the time and financial cost of an actual eviction. And, many landlords request tenants pay a rental application fee to cover the cost of their background, criminal and credit checks. Conducting these preliminary checks before a renter defaults will save the landlord time, money and a whole lot of aggravation.

Rental screening helps realtors assess their perspective renter’s ability and willingness to pay the rent. Determine a renter’s track record of paying rent and other bills. Real estate agents and landlords alike find peace of mind knowing their renters will pay the rent on time and for the full lease term. Utilizing a renter screening service allows realtors the opportunity to assess the renters’ criminal background.

San Francisco blues:

According to the 2014 annual eviction report published by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors; the number of eviction notices filed with the Department showed a 13% increase from the previous year. In fact, non-payment or habitual late payment of rent, breach of rental agreement and/or illegal use of rental units account for nearly 60% of all eviction notices filed. 1,162 or almost 60% of the 1,977 total eviction notices filed. The process of evicting a tenant involves several procedural steps that can take many months to complete, depending upon the type of legal notice given, the speed in serving the eviction lawsuit, and cooperation or resistance of the tenant. Additionally, the landlord is obligated to strictly comply with procedural requirements. If the landlord does not comply with each and every requirement, the eviction could be delayed by weeks or even months.

Breaking up is hard to do:

Protect your investment by running background and credit checks of ALL prospective tenants. Tenants with a history of not paying their rent, specifically those that have been evicted in the past, or have a criminal record are more likely to cause problems leading to inevitable (but avoidable) evictions. For landlords, evictions are expensive, time-consuming and sometimes dangerous. The process can take weeks or many months to complete, during which landlords are rarely able to collect rent from the tenant he or she is evicting. To add insult to injury, many landlords are not completely familiar with the peculiarities of housing laws, and innocent procedural mistakes can delay evictions by even longer. Even if landlords win suits against a tenant who did not pay rent, the renters are usually judgment-proof by the end of the process. The process of evicting tenants sometimes even lead to violent confrontations between landlords and tenants.

Here is a breakdown of the lawful way to evict a tenant in the State of California:  

  1. Verify legal right to evict the tenant.
  2. Serve the tenant with a 3-day notice to pay the rent or quit.
  3. Allow the tenant 3 business days (Monday to Friday) after delivering the notice to remedy the situation.
  4. File an Unlawful Detainer Complaint, a Civil Case Cover Sheet, and a Pre-judgment Right of Possession form.
  5. Serve the tenant with the Unlawful Detainer Complaint, the Summons, and the Pre-judgment Right of Possession form. (NOTE: This must be done by someone other than the plaintiff).
  6. Complete the court process.
  7. Store the tenant's items for 2 weeks if he or she is evicted.

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