Able Screening Price List

Screening Plan #1: Credit Report Only – (Transunion or Equifax)

With “FICO” credit score and credit report  $30

Married couple with the same last name  $50

Above fees are for one bureau only – each additional bureau report is $15.00

Canadian Credit reports (each) $35

Screening Plan #2: Credit Report and Eviction Report and Criminal Screening (one state search)

Individual search $40

Married couple (must have the same last name) $70

Screening Plan #3: Full Service Tenant Screening

Individual search $50

Married couple (must have the same last name) $90

This plan includes credit report with credit score, eviction report, criminal screening report (one state only). Verification of employment and verification of rental history with current landlord. All screening results will be available within 48h.

All Items May Be Purchased Separately

Criminal Background Screening report (one state) $15

Criminal Background Screening report (all states) $20

Includes access to the Sexual Predator Database and the National Terrorist Database

American Business –  business screening report  $30

Employment Verification report $15

Landlord Verification report $15

Eviction and/or non-payment of rent report  $15